A hike through the Alps

Garda Lake: The village

Before heading into the mountains for a hike in the Alps, we visited Garda Lake--a quaint, old village with a beautiful view of the Apennines.

It wasn't the ideal sunny weather we had been hoping for, but I actually think the stormy atmosphere created a breathtaking eeriness to the views.


Garda Lake: The castle

The entrance to the village began with this awesome castle 😀

It felt a little surreal...

Garda Lake: An amazing view of the Alps




We'd be hiking through those mountains in just the next day! 😀

The Alps: A hike through the Apennines Mountains

The rolling misty clouds that surrounded us looked absolutely incredible...

The cold and rain couldn't stop us from appreciating what an awesome experience this was 🙂


The Alps: The waterfall


The Alps: The church I was obsessed with

I was absolutely obsessed with this church from the 1000s that sat atop a hill... (Scarlet Monastery, any World of Warcraft fans?)

We walked up to get a closer look...And it only got creepier and creepier.

A cemetery wrapped around the outside of the church

The stone walls of the interior were covered in frescoes and Latin phrases

This is possibly the scariest photograph I've ever taken in my life.