I kicked over the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Yesterday I visited the ever-so-famous Leaning Tower of Pisa...and kicked it over.

RAWR. Anyway, it was a fun trip. One of the most hilarious sights was looking at the line of people holding funny poses with their hands up in what looks like the middle of nowhere in order to capture the oh-so-desired cheesy tourist photos. (Of course, I was one of them too — but I’m pretty sure I’m the only badass who kicked down the tower :P)

Apparently, the lower leans about 5 meters. It originally started shifting mostly due to natural causes, because it was constructed without a basement. Apparently it stopped continuing to shift at some point though. I stood on the side that it didn’t lean down on to be safe, as I promised my Grandpa I would 🙂

There are other amazing monuments in the "Field of Miracles" where the Leaning Tower exists -- the Duomo (cathedral) and a huge Baptistery.

But let's face it...Pisa is primarily visited with one purpose in mind: take really fun photos with the tower! 😀