Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou, Verona?!

Verona, Italy

The city

Welcome to Verona, the romantic city of Romeo and Juliette

"Shakespeare Street"

Verona is one of the most historical cities in Europe

Gazebo in the center of the Historic District

A beautiful loggia

“Juliette’s House”

"Casa di Giulietta"

We're in Letters to Juliet! 😀

Apparently, it is a tradition of good luck to rub the breast of Giulietta's this young boy is so ecstatically embracing.

"Locks of Love"

The balcony, which was attached to the house in the 1900s to match the tale 😮

The amphitheater

You can see the ruined amphitheater in the background here...

It was a quick trip back in time sitting on the theater stairs


6 comments on “Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou, Verona?!

  1. Deira says:

    Love the photos! I’m heading to Italy at the end of the year. Verona is now a must do for me. Any hints on where to eat/stay?

    • Liz J says:

      Thank you! You’re so lucky to get to visit Italy–you’re going to have an amazing time! Unfortunately, I can’t suggest anywhere to eat/stay because I was only in the city for a few hours. But you’ll definitely see many good places to eat in and around the piazza of the heart of the historic district–right down from Juliet’s house. The square is not only full of cute restaurants, but is also a marketplace full of cheap fast food and lot of cool accessories and souvenirs to buy. Enjoy! 😀

    • Verona is gorgeous. It is one of my favorite cities to visit outside of Florence. It is very elegant and a testament to the ages starting from the Roman era evidenced by the Arena Amphitheatre which is the third biggest amphitheatre in Itlay after the Colosseum but the most well-preserved. Definitely worth a visit.

  2. One of my favorite places to eat is the Antica Bottega del Vino in Via Scudo di Francia 3. They have a fantastic selection of local dishes including horse (which is typical Veronese and very good) and pasta and meat dishes cooked in Amarone wine. It is worth booking ahead of time and their number is 0458004535. Giovanni Rana, who is responsibile for bringing fresh pasta to supermarket fridges around the world, has his only restaurant in Piazza Bra in Verona. You can see the pasta making lab next to the restaurant. It is quite expensive but good for a special occasion. His restuarant is called Tre Corone.

  3. True, Verona is lovely. However you may want to keep in mind that in Verona and some of the cities surrounding it are pretty unwelcoming for black people. Went there with my (afro american) girlfriend last summer. They refused to serve us in two restaurants. The hotel staff later explained possible causes…

    Other than that it a great place, especially in opera season.

  4. […] less-known practice of good luck takes place at la casa di Giulietta in Verona–Juliette’s house. Below her balcony is her statue, which tourists swarm around for the […]

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