Siena & The Mazzei Winery

Last weekend when my family was visiting, we took a day trip to Siena -- a little under a two-hour train ride from Florence.

Specifically, we ventured into the beautiful Tuscan area on the outskirts of the city of Siena -- by Castellina di Chianti -- to attend a wine tasting & tour of the Mazzei winery. It took a few transportation setbacks between being told to take the wrong buses and not having buses show up, but we made it!

After a lovely wine-tasting (Zisola is possibly my new favorite red wine), our guide Vittoro led us through the enchanting little village of the winery.

I was so happy that my mom could see the picturesque countryside of Italy that we always sigh over in chickflicks 🙂

There were barrels and barrels of vino stored away in the rustic cellars... The Mazzei winery is still family-run from the original family line that started the business in 1435!

This is the "library." (Now that's my kind of library!) Vittoro was telling us how part of his job is to test these wines. "It is good job" he remarked in a tone as if we needed convincing.

Even the gloomy weather couldn't take away from the village's quaint beauty.

3 comments on “Siena & The Mazzei Winery

  1. Mom says:

    Hard to believe we were actually there just a week ago! I need to watch “Under the Tuscan Sun” and “Letters to Juliette” again with new appreciation for the scenery.

  2. Nana says:

    Who would ever believe I would marry someone with a famous name, at least in Italy! When I was in Corrado I saw the name over a door jam, instead of a mailbox. Must be pretty common there. 🙂

  3. Your pictures are beautiful – reminds me of when I was there! Now I want to go back again!

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