What time is it?

mind = blown

I had a silent 5-second heart attack this morning when I looked down at the time on my laptop and noticed that my midterm was not in an hour and a half, but in half an hour…meaning I don’t have some time to study and drink coffee first, because I need to leave in 15 minutes. Isn’t it only 10:30? Not 11:30? I thought in a minor panic.

I mentally added 6 hours to 5:30 about a dozen times, and even popped up Calculator to make sure my sleepiness was not interfering with this simple addition. Yup, 11:30. What the hell? So I looked up the current time and date on the Internet, for both Florence and NYC. 5:30am in NY, and…10:30am here. 5-hour difference–WHERE IS THE OTHER HOUR?! I was starting to feel relieved that I still had adequate time before my exam, but I was also starting to feel absolutely mindblown. NON CAPISCO PERCHE! DOVE E’ LA ALTRA ORA?! (Yes, sometimes I naturally think in Italian when excited or panicked now…it’s kind of cool).

Then I started panicking again, because it dawned on me that it might be Daylight Savings Time–which yes, restores logic and sense, but also means that I needed to leave NOW for my midterm exam. So I quickly looked up Daylight Savings Time, and saw that it indeed was DST…but just in the U.S.–not here. Our turn comes over the night of March 23rd.

I guess that makes sense…

And I guess I’m only 5 hours in the future now…for only two weeks though…

…I’m really glad this exam has nothing to do with the concept of time.

3 comments on “What time is it?

  1. Mom says:

    Daylight Saving Time doesn’t all happen on the same weekend everywhere? Who knew?? Well, it’ll be a treat for our time difference to be only 5 hours instead of 6 for the next two weeks, but it’s strange your time change comes on a Friday night instead of a Saturday, though when thinking about it, it gives you 2 days to get used to the hour difference before heading back to work or school on Monday, so maybe that makes more sense.

    Glad you made it to your midterm on time! 😀

  2. Nana says:

    Boy, we learn something every day. I thought there would be a 6 hr. difference at all times. Uncle Lennie never mentioned that, but I’ll ask him next time I speak to him.
    I’m glad you made it to class too. :/)

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