Venice (Part IV): Burano, “The Island of Painted Houses”

Venice, Italy


Burano, “The Island of Painted Houses”

Meandering through the little pathways of the tiny island of Burano in Veneto is like walking into a fairytale land. As the nickname “The Island of Painted Houses” suggests, Burano is the picturesque small town known for its brightly-colored houses lining the canals. (Burano is also known for its lace products, which I didn’t even tempt myself with by avoiding the beautiful lace shops). Even with the gloomy weather, Chelsea and I were overcome with little-kid spirit as we joyously ventured through this compact town of colors.


We had fun losing ourselves in a town too tiny to get lost in 🙂



Chelsea cartwheeling through the quiet, quaint pathways. There is something about Burano that will bring out the little kid in you.


Too chilly for boat rides, but it must be beautiful in the spring weather!


Residents' laundry hanging from windows and lines. The neighborhood was so silent that it was almost spooky--like a ghost town. Perhaps it is simply because of the cold weather. I couldn't help wondering what the lives of these residents are like, in such an incredibly small town that is constantly visited by tourists. I wonder what their sentiments are towards the visitors, and I wonder how much of their time is spent on the island of Burano versus other places in Veneto across the lagoon.


I could wall-kick my way up some of these pathways 😛


There is one main street of the city, lined with adorable shops and caffes.


Many of the window displays and shops were full of masks for Carnevale.


NEVERLAND! "I will never grow up..."


Ciao! 😀

Check back for Venice: Part V about the Carnevale.

6 comments on “Venice (Part IV): Burano, “The Island of Painted Houses”

  1. Mom says:

    You and Chelsea made that pretty little neighborhood even prettier!

  2. Nana says:

    Wow!! Talk about colors! What a picturesque town.

  3. Aunt Rose says:

    Just had the chance to catch up reading your blog to date. It sounds like you are absolutely having a great time! Living there is so much better than just visiting. I’m glad you loved Venice. It is so cool to see your pictures of the city during the winter. Does St Mark’s Square have a zillion pidgeons at this time of year? There were so many in the summer you had to duck when they flew low, so they wouldn’t crash into your head! When I was there. St Mark’s Square had erected a stage at one end and we saw Sting practicing for a concert. Did you splurge on a gondola ride?

    Burano looks like something from a “travel book” with all those colors!

    I also found out about weighing the produce first the hard way! It’s like that all over Europe. You have to find the code number first, punch it in and weigh it . Then that sticker comes out with the price.
    Wish I had remembered to tell you that!

    • Liz J says:

      Hi Aunt Rose! Good to hear from you 🙂

      It’s funny that you mention the pigeons, because there are definitely an uncomfortable amount of low-flying pigeons (enough for us all to comment on), but I can imagine that it’s much worse in the summer. There was a stage set up for Carnvevale, too, which I’ll be posting about soon. Didn’t splurge on a gondola ride, but we were very glad to get to see others riding in them (we didn’t think they’d be operating with the extreme cold).

      They must have foreigners make that produce mistake all the time, then. Well, at least it’s one of the most harmless mistakes to be oblivious to at first here!

      Hope all is well at home!

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