Valentine’s Day at the Florence Chocolate Festival

Note:  Pictures and stories from my Venice trip and the Carnivale are coming soon!–I’ve been very busy catching up with classes and errands after last week’s illness and this weekend’s travels, so sorry for the delay! In the meantime, let’s talk chocolate.

Aaaaah, Valentine’s Day in the enchanting city of Florence… Young Italian lovebirds are flocking the streets, and those damn flower guys are chasing potential clientele at every major corner.

Whether you have a lover or not, the Chocolate Festival is where everyone’s Valentine’s Day is sure to be sweet. The annual Artisan Chocolate Fair of Florence will last a few more days since it began last week, summoning people in good spirit to stop by the popular Piazza della Republica anytime between 10am to 10pm to try some delightful chocolate treats. A myriad of mouth-watering chocolate types fill the booths, along with different shapes–from shoes to animals to oldschool espresso makers. Some of them are expensive, but I’ve had college-budget success simply asking for X Euro of whatever chocolate chunk I’d like. E’ delizioso!

Apparently I must try the hot chocolate too–which is much more like melted chocolate in a cup than the typical Swiss Miss hot chocolate you’d probably have in mind. I am sure I’ll be returning tomorrow 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my family and friends at home! Love you!

7 comments on “Valentine’s Day at the Florence Chocolate Festival

  1. Danny Price says:

    I think giving chocolate is more important than flowers at Valentines day
    It will always put a smile on a gals face.
    Better still flowers and chocolate will get you more points.

  2. Mom says:

    Are there enough people in Florence to buy & consume all that chocolate? WOW!

  3. DPC says:

    Love the chocolate shoes in the first photo the most 🙂

  4. lindalind says:

    That looks amazing!! Chocolate paradise 🙂


  5. Danny Price says:

    Just looking at the chocolate one more time ……Yum Yum, Anyway It must have taking some great imagination to create those designs.
    I’m guessing that they use molds to make some, like the shoes they are really cool.


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