Buy some flowers, bro.

(Written January 29th)

I cannot possibly convey to you the hilarious joy in watching Rob run away from the flower guys. Apparently in the evening and night, especially by the major sites and bars, these vendors walk around with a bouquet of roses in effort to sell them to young men who are trying to charm the ladies.

Some friends and I first witnessed this hilarity of this the other night while walking near the Duomo. Rob, being the only male in this group, must’ve been bombarded by a flower guy every 10 minutes or so. The vendor would suddenly appear in our circle of friends, holding out his flowers to Rob with this “I got you, bro” kind of look. Rob practically had to run away sometimes, yelling “No, grazie! No!” Good laughs…

The best was what my housemates and I witnessed last night. Apparently these vendors come into bars as well (good salesmanship, especially considering the Italian PDA norms by the restrooms in the back). We watched and laughed as the flower guy went up to each table and huddle of friends to offer a flower purchase to the males; we ABSOLUTELY LOST IT when this vendor actually disturbed a couple making out in the back to offer that guy the rose purchase. These flower guys are relentless!

3 comments on “Buy some flowers, bro.

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