Taking on Firenze un caffé at a time

(Written January 28th)

Today I ran out of my instant coffee packets, and haven’t purchased a coffee maker for my apartment yet. Anyone who knows me must know that cutting off my coffee is almost like cutting off my air supply. So today, around 16:30pm (trying to get used to a 24-hour clock), I took my first solo walk down to the corner café to buy my first Italian coffee. It took me a second to realize that I order it right at the bar, which was occupied by old Italian men drinking their afternoon whiskey and beer.

I pulled a noob move of accidentally greeting the barista with “Buon giorno” even though it was evening now, and she responded “Buona sera” (“Good evening”). Then I ordered, “Un caffé, por favore,” and she handed over a cute little espresso cup and asked me a question I didn’t understand. So I asked her, “Parla inglese?” (“Do you speak English?”), and she said no and laughed kindly—but I was glad that it wasn’t immediately apparent to her that I can’t speak Italian, even with my botched greeting. Then she pointed to the milk and asked me in Italian if I want milk, which I understood but replied no, because I wanted to have my first true Italian cup of espresso-style coffee.

It was about 2 oz of liquid, but man did it do the job! I stood at the bar and sipped down my mini-coffee like a pro, enjoying its strength and instant jolt. Then I asked “Quanto costa?” and paid my 1 Euro, then carried on with a lifted spirit. I’m ready to take on Firenze un caffé at a time…even with the Italianglish.


2 comments on “Taking on Firenze un caffé at a time

  1. Kate Leland says:

    Sounds like you’re adjusting very quickly! Have you asked the woman who lives across the hall where you can get a coffee maker? She may have one you could have. Have you looked in the cabinets in the kitchen? We definitely had one, but I think either the woman across the hall or Anna gave it to us sometime in the first week.

    • Liz J says:

      Well, there is one here, but there was water and coffee left in it so it molded really badly :O I don’t know if it’s salvageable lol. But I don’t think it’d be too expensive to buy one of the same types, so no worries.

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